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dobro & dobro cafe

You can have coffee, you can have a bite to eat

Few people know that the world-famous "flat white" coffee is a manifestation of Australian... misogyny. It was in the homeland of the kangaroo and the koala that men concluded that all "lattes with milky foam" are simply unmanly! And since coffee with milk is a good thing, they came up with the idea to shorten the latte with just that foam. Hence the "flat" and the "white". Relax assured that there is absolutely no misogyny in DOBRO & DOBRO CAFE. This place (in fact, already a chain of cafes) is run by a unanimous couple. In addition, they are not from Australia but from Ukraine, as Inna and Oleg Yarovi came to us from Kiev.

But let's get back to Poland. DOBRO & DOBRO CAFE in Warsaw Breweries offers “flat whites”, “lattes” and other milky and non-milky creations of imagination about coffee. Are they tasty? Well, at the moment they are one of the fastest-growing chains of craft cafes in our country, so it is rather a rhetorical question.

And how did it all start? Well, normally abnormally. Well, is it normal to open a café with an area of 6 square meters, which is the size of a cargo elevator? And is it normal, despite such a cramped space, to achieve spectacular success and open cafes in five Polish cities? Besides, their small black (and large white) coffees have already been appreciated even by our southern neighbors as Inna and Oleg opened one of their cafes in Prague in the Czech Republic! And - to prove the abnormality of this concept - in times of lockdown instead of dismissing people they... have increased their turnover and are planning (grab your cup now, because it won't fit in the grinder!) to open 100 new locations across Europe and (you better sit down) become the first Polish chain of cafes operating in the United States!

So what's the point? The coffee? Well, yes. Especially when you have such (proprietary) things on the menu as "fire-roasted coffee", "challah coffee", "matcha mango latte" or "cappu orange". Anyway, at DOBRO & DOBRO CAFE, you don't just fill your cup, you can feed your taste buds with their breakfasts, croissants, lunches, brunches and desserts. And when all those lockdowns will have gone, this café in the Warsaw Breweries will host both photography exhibitions, literary evenings, concerts, and other cultural events.

However, something else is important...

The aroma of a good atmosphere, fun and relaxation that we all need just floats here.

A tip for coffee art lovers

The baristas at DOBRO & DOBRO CAFE have possessed the secret power of creating what they call "latte art"- breathtaking drawings on the foam of your coffee latte (Australian misogynists don't know this). Feel free to show the staff a photo of your favorite creature, and they'll create it for you on the top of your coffee elixir.

56 Grzybowska Street


Monday - Friday
7.00 am - 7.00 pm
9.00 am - 7.00 pm
9.00 am - 7.00 pm

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