by Juźwin | Kobielski

by Juźwin | Kobielski

A zone of beautiful changes

This duo understands perfectly why in the Polish language the word "change" is feminine. They both change women. So far they have done it separately, although they have known each other for years. Warsaw Breweries is the place where their talents and passions have been combined into a joint salon – Beauty zone by JUŹWIN | KOBIELSKI.

Sebastian Kobielski is a recognized hairstylist, beauty expert and MasterClass educator. He has created hairstyles for international cosmetic, fashion and perfume brands, and his hairstyles appear on the covers of all the important magazines.

Jarosław Juźwin is a recognized authority in the beauty industry, an appreciated make-up artist and hairstylist, whose work also often appear in leading fashion, style and beauty magazines

The gentlemen have had numerous adventures on television. Sebastian is a host and the main creator of hairstyles in top TVN and TVN Style programs. Jarosław is the host of the authorial series "No i pięknie" in the breakfast TV program "Pytanie na śniadanie". In Beauty Zone by JUŹWIN | KOBIELSKI, they do the same as in TV programs, but the scenarios of changes are written together with their clients.

Their salon in Warsaw Breweries is out of the simple definitions. Although it is based on hairdressing services, the name "herdresser" fits this place better than "hairdresser". Men are famous for spectacular metamorphosis, dictating trends in TV programs, fashion shows and covers of the most fashionable magazines. In their atelier at Krochmalna Street, you will see beauty treatments dedicated exclusively to this place - they will look at your nails, suggest hair and make-up changes, advise what to throw away from the wardrobe and what to start wearing.

A tip for those who want to know first

The atelier by Juźwin | Kobielski duo hosts various cultural-artistic and educational events, both online and in the place. Participation in the latter is limited, so it is worth following the profile of their studio Warsaw Breweries via social media and signing up for our newsletter.


Monday - Friday 

11.00am - 07.00pm


10.00am - 04.00pm



+48 723 740 466

ul. Krochmalna 61


poniedziałek - piątek
8.00 - 22.00
9.00 - 21.00
10.00 - 17.00

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