Calypso Fitness Warsaw Breweries

Calypso Fitness Warsaw Breweries

Your move!

Calypso ice cream, produced with homely cream, was a national treasure of the communist times and allowed you to gain a bit of fat and erode your teeth, thanks to its lovely sugar content. This Calypso, we are going to tell you about, will not give you sides, folds or a double chin, in fact, it has all the assets to deprive of them anyone who comes here.

We haven't been able to determine whether the name of this fitness club chain derives from Calypso - Saturn's moon, or from Calypso - an asteroid with catalogue number 53, or from Calypso - a Latin American dance style, a Venezuelan soap opera from 1999, a certain plant from the orchid family, or from the aforementioned ice-cream from a bygone period. We have some suspicions that it was Calypso - the daughter of mythological Atlas. CALYPSO FITNESS will be equipped among others in multigyms. But it's not the name that decorates the fitness club.

Calypso Fitness is a leading brand in its industry. The brand owns 50 fitness clubs in 26 cities in Poland. The one in Warsaw Breweries is aimed to be open to anyone who wants to take care of their health or good condition. And so, you have at your disposal a whole range of diversified fitness classes and impressive space to calmly adjust the pace of training to your own needs or possibilities. And you will be supported by a qualified team of instructors and personal trainers, who care about your health and safety.

A club powered by you

A! What is more, there is a "cardio zone", and instead of cardiologists and cardiac surgeons, there is amazing equipment waiting for you. Machines will transform your energy while exercising into pure electricity. You have a unique opportunity to become a battery, accumulator or another generator of ecological renewable energy.

And don't worry. Here, you don't have to know protein or break life records in the deadlift. It’s enough if you want to take care of yourself and move around a bit. And after a year of almost total stillness, it's hard to find something more valuable for your fitness than movement. Yes, coming to CALYPSO FITNESS will be all to the good for your health.

Tip for wrestling with the thought if it's worth coming here

The price of the subscription includes a personalized training plan and the ability to monitor your progress on a modern Tanita analyzer, which performs, among others, measurements of the amount of adipose and muscle tissue, indicates the metabolic age or the amount of water in the body.

Grzybowska Street 56

Opening hours:

Monday - Friday

06.00am - 11.00pm
Saturday - Sunday 
08.00am - 08.00pm

Opening soon

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