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Taste finger-licking good

It is said that each of us has one sense dominating over the others. DESEO sweetly contradicts this theory by proving that it is possible to create desserts that are both amazingly beautiful and insanely delicious

The founders of this iconic confectionery - Natalia Sitarska and Łukasz Smoliński - for years have been running a culinary-travel blog Tasteaway, which needs no introduction to anyone hungry for inspiring reviews of gastronomy from all over the world. However, the dream of this duo has always been to create their own, proprietary confectionery. And that is why, when they had fulfilled this "desire", they named their confectionery concept "Deseo", which in Spanish means "desire", "dream".

DESEO bases its uniqueness on petit gateau type desserts which are the world's icon of modern confectionery. These are small visual masterpieces whose beauty goes hand in hand with a fine fusion of taste sensations. In Polish gastronomic newspeak, "petit gateau" means "mono portion" because they are supposed "pleasures at a clip". In practice, you will come back to DESEO in Warsaw Breweries for these "one-time pleasures" more than once or twice. Those who have tasted it, know.

At the first stage of your acquaintance with DESEO, we recommend their eclair. Although its name is Spanish Amaia, when cut in half it resembles the face of Marie Antoinette, who encouraged her citizens to eat meringue. This pastry combines contrasting textures, and the fusion of black currant, milk chocolate and hazelnut flavours crammed into and surprises with thoughtful quality.

A tip for fans of sweet advice

DESEO in Warsaw Breweries is also a must for all lovers of cakes, artisanal chocolates and ice-cream, which do not differ from local desserts in terms of sophistication and reputation.

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On the other hand, for the lovers of less sweet, fruity desserts, the perfect choice is Asia 2.0, whose perfection consists of white chocolate mousse infused with ginger and kaffir lime leaves, the liquid filling made of passion fruit, mango and calamansi and pieces of fresh pineapple. The whole is topped with a crumbly bottom with roasted white chocolate.

We started with senses and we will finish with senses. As it is impossible to describe music in words, it is impossible to describe the tastes of the DESEO brand. You can't even say it with your mouth full, that's why we will stop talking and you... come whenever you wish.

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