Fire, smoke and meat

Where is fire and meat, something Balkan is probably being cooked. This cuisine consists of meat, meat and more vegetables such as zucchini, eggplant and… meat.

MUNJA is the only restaurant in Poland that serves an astonishing variety of this cuisine - full of Balkan fire, but richly seasoned with Mediterranean lightness.

The flame in the logo of this restaurant is not accidental. Live fire is probably the most essential element of Balkan cuisine and the most natural way to extract unique aroma and flavor from meat, fish and seafood.

MUNJA at Warsaw Breweries aims to delight with original dishes from the Adriatic Sea served directly from the flame bursting grill, heated only with coal and wood. It will be rich, distinctive and international because MUNJA reaches cuisine far beyond the former borders of Yugoslavia. This gastronomic concept was created by an energetic family from Montenegro, people full of love for Warsaw. The small country of Montenegro has 620 thousand citizens (with its capital in Podgorica of the population as Warsaw's Wola) is famous for its great hospitality. And you will feel this hospitality already from the entrance to the culinary embassy of the Balkans, which MUNJA aims to be. Everyone must leave from here full and happy.

A tip for seafood lovers:

If you value quality, you can choose fresh fish and seafood directly from the display case covered with crushed ice. Dorada, tuna, oysters, prawns and calamari will be waiting for you here every day. Just go to the open kitchen and say what you want! :)

60 Grzybowska Street


Monday - Thursday
12.00 pm - 11.00 pm
12.00 pm - 00.00 am
1.00 pm - 00.00 am
1.00 pm - 10.00 pm

+48 509 069 440 
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Łukasz Piotrowski, who has been working in gastronomy for 12 years, is responsible for flavors of MUNJA. He learned his craft from the best Warsaw chefs and perfected his sous-vide skills during training with Bruno Goussault. Before he took command of the MUNJA kitchen, he had visited all the corners of the Balkans and Italy. He added a pinch of his own creativity, a handful of incredible talent, and poured it all with a modern twist.

In the menu, you can find cuisine typical for Montenegro, Serbia and Croatia. It is impossible to imagine it without pljeskavica, ćevapi or punjene lignje. Passing by the kitchen, you will probably smell dulce de leche and the famous Pršut ham. However, Adriatic cuisine also derives from the Apennine Peninsula, so in MUNJA in Warsaw Breweries you can also order delicious Italian pasta, Italian pizza and other dishes based on original products and recipes from that region.

In the open kitchen, you can choose fresh fish and seafood from a display case covered with crushed ice. Cod, tuna, oysters, shrimp and squid will be waiting for you here every day. Just like the steaks, seasoned right there so as not to lose any of their flavor during unnecessary transportation.

Their motto is "Eat, drink, feast and be merry!" - who watched the age-old Polish comedy "How I unleashed World War II" knows how hard it is to leave the Balkan table. Especially that in this part of Europe, the strongest (nomen omen) reputation among desserts is... rakija ;) Although, MUNJA also knows how to make non-alcoholic desserts.

What does "munja" actually mean? Well, "munja", or in fact "му́ња", is nothing more or less than "lightning" in Serbo-Croatian. And that’s right here because MUNJA appeared in Warsaw Breweries at the speed of light. And if you want to understand this name better, know the Balkan soul, and why Serbs, Croats and Montenegrins always want to feast, come to MUNJA - preferably with lightning speed.

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