GOOD LOOD Warsaw Breweries

GOOD LOOD Warsaw Breweries

Ice cream from the city of Cracow

"Oo...!" - you might whoop when you first try their icy goodies with two "Os". Because they are, with no doubt (but with two "Os") really "good"! Those who have tasted them know. And there are many places to try them because ice cream lovers can already taste them in several Warsaw "ice cream spots", as they call their stores(stoores?). And just like their double 'o', they are doing their best to face up their popularity on the Warsaw ice cream scene, which they have conquered with their fabulous, natural flavours. And the good news for fans of frozen fun is that here it is! GOOD LOOD at Warsaw Breweries!

GOOD LOOD will pamper and coddle both lovers of traditional milky flavors as well as vegan varieties lovers of ice cream madness every day. In our personal ranking at the top of the "by GOOD LOOD" ice cream cone are flavours such as "cream from the Rock" and "caramel with pink Himalayan salt", and "Polish strawberry" from their non-dairy selection is the masterpiece.

And to top it all off, they were the first to break the ice and develop a mobile app (Good Lood App) where you check what flavors are being served that day, and for each scope, you earn scores that you can exchange.... for ice cream, of course. But you can also get GOOD LOOD branded gadgets, including their funky sweatshirts, pom-pom hats, socks and even... their cute branded deckchairs. And such icy goodies on a deckchair must be an indescribable delight...

Tip for icebreaking

We are a little ashamed that we owe this innovation in Warsaw to the Cracovians, but... the effect is divine. Because here GOOD LOOD doesn't make you nut saying today's flavors are e.g. "raspberry" and there is no trace of them on the spot. In the app mentioned above, you can always see how much of which flavor is left with scoop accuracy. I wonder if they'll ever introduce a "reserve your favorite flavor"? With their creativity, it wouldn't surprise us at all.

56 Grzybowska Street


Mon - Thu 12.00 pm - 09.00 pm
Fri - Sat 12.00 pm - 10.00 pm
Sun 12.00 pm - 09.00 pm

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