Piccola Italia & Mediterraneo

Piccola Italia and Mediterraneo

A delicatessen as in the heart of Rome

Everyone knows that Italy is a gastronomic powerhouse and an icon of global culinary culture. And no wonder - when you have such high quality food as the Italians have, it's hard to go wrong in your kitchen. The good news is that even in Warsaw you can get exactly the same products that the Italians buy at their local markets. This is what Piccola Italia and Mediterraneo - a delicatessen placed in Warsaw Breweries is for, which opened its doors at the beginning of the calendar summer.

Not everyone knows that almost 25% of all Italians who have permanently settled in Poland live in Warsaw. Perhaps the fact that one of the districts of the capital is called... Włochy (Italy in English). It is hard to say whether this neither particularly southern nor sunny district is a local "little Italy" for Italian expats. However, it is easy to guess that the gap of the homeland in the micro-grocery segment for the native Italians is filled by such places in Warsaw as Piccola Italia and Mediterraneo. Even if a chain celebrates an "Italian week" several times a year, nowhere else you can find so many excellent and originally Italian food products as here.

What exactly are they talking about? They have over 2500 unique specialties imported directly from 160 most important producers - mainly from sunny Italy, but not only, because you will also find here unique delicacies from Greece or Spain.

A tip for potential Italophiles

Italian coffee is not only Lavazza. You can find out about it in Piccola Italia, which sells coffees, both ground and grainy, practically unavailable in any other store in our city.

61 Krochmalna Street


Mon - Fri
02.00 pm - 06.00 pm
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The selection of products is not random. Every year Piccola Italia's purchasing and importing team participates in dozens of foreign fairs, workshops and other food events, visits production plants and vineyards, holds hundreds of meetings with producers, follows the trends and negotiates the best prices. This allows them to offer truly unique and tasty products at moderate prices, comparable to the prices of the same products in the countries from which they are imported to us. Piccola Italia and Mediterraneo, in addition to the highest quality, focuses on natural products, made by traditional methods, without preservatives. The number of whole grain, gluten-free, BIO, organic, and vegan products is constantly growing.

A section of fresh products is also very well developed: cheese, cold cuts (also gluten-free), yogurts and ready-made sauces, which will certainly go well with pasta sold here. There are also more and more frozen products and soon Piccola Italia and Mediterraneo in Warsaw Breweries will be enriched with a wine-bar section .

Do the people of Warsaw like Piccola Italia and Mediterraneo? The best evidence of that is the fact that the owner negligently admits that there is no need to promote himself on the Internet or even on Facebook. The business is booming, because good quality at a good price does not require any special advertising efforts.

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