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You may know the "semi-French" as a pastry being used for patties or croissants. However, few people know what characterizes the semi-French ... service. For those who think that it is fun to learn all their life, we invite you to a semi-French lesson at GASTRONOMJA in Browary Warszawskie.

Contrary to politicians, we will not argue who has learned whom to use a fork (pardon, but let's leave it to those for whom "savoir-vivre" is just an incomprehensible juxtaposition of French words). On the other hand, the truth is that we - Poles and they - the French (who are on the fork of this political faux pas) have their own very different, but still quite expressive culinary competences.

GASTRONOMJA is a restaurant that will reconcile "food bon vivants" from the Vistula and the Seine, serving guests with modern Polish and French cuisine. Ba! There is even be cuisine from all over Europe!

GASTRONOMJA is a carnivore restaurant with a wide choice of slow roast ribs, pork and lamb, as well as seasoned beef steaks. The menu also includes classics of Polish cuisine. The chef is Daniel Saczuk, who worked for many years in well-known restaurants such as "U chefs" at the Europejski Hotel, then at "Soul Kitchen" and "Żebra i Kości".

GASTRONOMJA also gives you the chance to listen to chanson, because live musical performances are organized here. Look forward to some soul and jazz vibes.

A tip for fine dining lovers

The restaurant operates in accordance with the philosophy of "fine dining", which in free translation means that you will not need to use any filters for insta photos.

Monday - Thursday                 12.00 - 22.00
Friday - Saturday                     12.00 - 23.00
Sunday                                      12.00 - 22.00


56 Grzybowska Street

tel: +22 487 99 70


Coming back to the local "semi-French service", which we mentioned in the introduction.

Well - a variety of dishes are prepared or finished right at your table. And it is both the Polish tartare and the French thymus. And this is, to put it bluntly, this semi-French service. 

The GASTRONOMJA's kitchen is also open. And not only open to the curiosity of the eyes of regulars who like to have a pick behind the kitchen doors. This openness will allow you to take a place around the kitchen to enjoy your food in front of chefs and sous-chefs who prepare your dishes and desserts.

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