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Asia is not only exotic cuisine and completely different culture. Asia is also completely different shopping. Especially when it comes to food. Sorry, they have such a climate - humidity and high temperatures mean that nothing can lie there in the store.

And if nothing can lie around, the merchandise must be such that anyone who enters the store will immediately take it and buy it without hesitation. It means the goods are prima sort. And this selective assortment is the hallmark of the dynamically operating the AZJATKA delicatessen in Warsaw Breweries.

The owner of AZJATKA is one of the best-known Asians in Warsaw - Linh Nguyen is the first lady of the capital's Asian cuisine who indivisibly feeds us in her restaurants with dishes from Vietnam, Korea, China, Thailand and Japan.

By opening this delicatessen, she fulfilled her dream and dreams of the locals who would like to recreate her excellent dishes known from Korean, Vietnam or Japanese (a phenomenal place serving take away sushi, located in... the AZJATKA delicatessen) in their homes and apartments. This store is a real larder perfectly stocked with Asian spices, sauces and noodles without which Japanese ramen would not differ much from traditional Polish broth. You will also find ready-made dishes, such as frozen spring rolls from Asia (and not from a factory in Podlasie) or dough for making Asian dumplings.

The people of Warsaw influenced the store's assortment much more than it may seem. It was at their request that the necessary cooking utensils (e.g. forged woks, mortars) and oriental ceramics (both Asian and Asian-inspired) appeared on the shelves of AZJATKA. You will also find ready-made preserves produced (or rather "created") by the owner - e.g. soy sauce-marinated garlic leaves or kimchi. This will allow you to well imitate the dishes that Linh serves in her Warsaw restaurants and for which (that probably comes as no surprise) she uses these original marinades.

A tip for those, who are clueless on the Orient:

Service at AZJATKA delicatessen is a bit like sommeliers at a winery. They just know what they sell. Therefore, if you want to know how to use ingredients such as fish sauce or shrimp paste so that you and your household are not discouraged by their taste, then.... just ask. They will explain, clarify, hint and recommend what, how and why.

61 Krochmalna Street


10.30 am - 8.30 pm

+48 575 406 435
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According to the owner, we are finally getting brave enough to approach Asian tastes and delicacies. The fresh tofu and Asian pickles, which Poles were afraid of 10 years ago as Europeans were of our pickled cucumbers and oscypek, are disappearing from AZJATKA's shelves faster and faster. Pickled and fermented products are the only way to understanding and deepening our Polish awareness of dishes from the Far East. And it's nice that we have a store in Warsaw Breweries, where you can follow this way.

What’s more! AZJATKA threatens to make a big deal out of Warsaw's oriental fruit and vegetable scene. So, soon you can expect to see on the shelves not only the best in our latitude mango but also controversial in smell and brilliant in taste durian.

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