Hamski Barber

A hair will be harmed of your head

Admit it. You noticed the spelling mistake in the name, didn't you? :) It's a bit barbaric, because HAMSKI BARBER is nice, like grass under your feet during a spring picnic. But that's not the reason you'll willingly be coming back to this barber. Your love from the first cut (aka shave) will be evoked by the expertise in the hands of the local masters (and... mistresses) of scissors and razors. Hamski doesn't skimp on equipment either. Professional tools are a 'must have' in the shop's set of rules, and their oils, greases and other pastes will make you feel like a king of life and city.

And once you put your head or beard in their hands, you can take advantage of other features of the representatives of the barber craft at Hamski's. Do you like chatting? They're all ears and get into a conversation. Do you prefer to listen to the whisper of the scissors or the purr of the razor? They'll fall silent and attentive. Hamski Barber will take care of you exactly the way you like. And seriously. Don't doubt their expertise, because we guarantee that once you test their craft, you'll become simply trimmed.

Well, we haven't finally explained where on earth that mistake in the name of precise and expertly cut came from. Relax. You can always ask about it "on the spot" and wrap your head around it. :)

Quite a useful tip:

Don't get into Hamski offhand.
They have a really good take, so it's better to make an appointment in advance.

61 Krochmalna Street


Monday - Friday
8.00 am - 10.00 pm
9.00 am - 9.00 pm
10.00 am - 5.00 pm

+48 513 040 513
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