Executive Laundry

Executive Laundry

They wash, dry and clean your apartment...

In the old days one of the basic agents used in laundries was starch (‘krochmal’ in Polish). And this is how Krochmalna Street that marks the northern border of Warsaw Breweries, got its name. And it’s a funny twist of fate that a laundry at Breweries is being opened at Krochmalna Street. The modern, ecological laundry with a wide range of services, some of them provided also at the customer's place.

Please note that this is not a self-service laundry. You simply bring what you want to give a proper look and leave it in good hands. Executive Laundry provides water and dry cleaning services at Warsaw Breweries, but they also have a mangle. Carpet washing is no problem for them, and to meet the needs of busy and occupied locals, "cleaning experts" from Executive Laundry come out of their premises and come to help clean apartments and other premises in their neighborhood.

Blankets, quilts, curtains, drapes, sleeping bags, and all garments will be laundered, mangled, and even ironed at their customer's request. For more information, visit their facebook or simply call at 797 309 406.

Just to let you know

If you want to know how much it will cost to wash this or that fabric or to clean your apartment, you should fill a form here


09.00am - 08.00pm
09.00am - 02.00pm

ul. Krochmalna 61


poniedziałek - piątek
8.00 - 22.00
9.00 - 21.00
10.00 - 17.00

59 Krochmalna Street U5
00-864 Warsaw
tel. +48 797 309 406

By the way - what is starch anyway? Well, it is a liquid based on boiled water and starch - usually potato starch. It is widely used not only in laundry, but also in food, textile, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries. Starching underwear was used primarily for hygienic purposes - the process prevented fabrics from absorbing dust or moisture and, as a result, prevented the multiplication of bacteria and made it easier to remove dirt from starch-covered fibers. But starching also prevented fabrics from creasing and made them easier to iron. And all in all, no one seems to know why the use of starch filled with benefits more than many washing machine drums with clothes after a vacation has been abandoned.

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