Olivos Cafe & Restaurant

OLIVOS Cafe & Restaurant


Healthy, unusual and copiously - this could be the shortest way to describe what waits for you in the restaurant OLIVOS Cafe & Restaurant in Warsaw Breweries. But why the 'shortest'? Where is the hurry if we are talking about feasting consistent with Mediterranean principles and traditions? After all, in Greece, Italy, Spain and other countries hugging the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, an ordinary dinner can last until supper, and supper until dawn...

O! And that's more reflective of what the nature of OLIVOS is. It will be hard to leave from here. First of all, it will be difficult because of the feeling of blissful satiety after a good feast, and second of all, the atmosphere and above all the hospitality of the owners makes you want to stay here longer than you planned.

All right. And this Mediterranean cuisine, what is it? Greek, or more Italian, or maybe Spanish? Oh, wait, wait. Why to set boundaries? Why can't it be international?

Spiros Kolouris, who comes from Corfu, is responsible for the OLIVOS concept. For many years he has managed restaurants in Athens, Mykonos and... in Warsaw's And the fact that he comes from Corfu does not mean that the menu will be dominated by the Greek atmosphere. By the way, not everyone knows that Corfu was once a part of... the Venetian empire. As a result, on your plate may land a piece of northern or southern Italy, but it can also be something yummy from Greek Crete or another Spanish tapas. Only that these will not always be the most popular items from these countries. If you will pardon, Spiros and chef Gerasimos Avgerinos want to surprise you with originality, diversity and culinary ingenuity, which are absolutely close to them. They even threaten that they are ready to add to their menu at OLIVOS even 100 different dishes a year! Not that all of them are there all the time. Quite the opposite. What comes in the spring can't necessarily be ordered in the autumn, and vice versa. Yes. The menu, like a woman, can change easily at OLIVOS.

A tip for newcomers

It's all may be Greek to you and to be honest even we don’t know all the spicy (and mild) details of the menu of this new gastronomic concept, because the menu is just being created, and what's more, it will be largely improvised. So feel free to ask the waiter for suggestions and rely on what the chef recommends, because more than one generation of Varsovians knows that Spiros Koulouris can make his guests happy up to the last hole in their belts.

56 Grzybowska Street


12.00 pm - 11.00 pm
10.00 am - 02.00 am

You will probably also like the interior design. We won't reveal any details, but we can whisper that it won't be difficult to find a "table by the window", because... there will be plenty of windows. So it will be bright, colourful, spacious and with a view to open kitchen. And there is a garden, and in the future there will be live music, which makes us feel like on a Greek vacation in the heart of Wola.

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