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Film Nights at Breweries

Palm Springs

Stuck in a time loop, two wedding guests develop a budding romance while living the same day over and over again.
Sunday, 15.08 9:00 pm

Movie screening of "Palm Springs"

6 Haberbusch and Schiele Street – Malthouse Square

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Honor and glory to the Heroes!

Honor and glory to the Heroes!

As a tribute to the fallen and in honor of the living (hopefully for as long as possible) Warsaw Insurgents we made a movie with the participation of the heroes...
01.08 09:00 pm

The screening - Warsaw Insurgents Memories, "Miasto 44"

59 Krochmalna Street - Laboratory Courtyard

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Olivos + Wujaszek Liestyle = Pizza at Warsaw Breweries

Olivos + Wujaszek Liestyle = Pizza in Warsaw Breweries

"Let’s fly!" - a pizzaiolo used to say, kneading pizza dough and tossing it up into the air. And Olivos Restaurant is preparing something pretty fly, because pi...
22.07 06:00 - 08:00 pm

Pizza made by Wujaszek Liestyle at Olivos Cafe and Restaurant


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Film Nights in Warsaw Breweries - repertoire august

Film Nights Repertoire for August

In August it is worth spending Sunday and Wednesday evenings in Warsaw Breweries on a comfortable deckchair, enjoying your favorite movie and all that our resta...
Wednesdays and Sundays

Repertoire in August

Laboratory Courtyard / Malthouse Square

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Film Nights at Breweries

"John Wick 3"

This Wednesday we invite you to the third part of the cult series with Keanu Reeves "John Wick". And maybe something to eat from one of our restaurants in addit...
July 21st 9:00 pm

Movie screening of "John Wick 3"

6 Haberbusch and Schiele Street – Malthouse Square

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Perfect Strangers

Perfect Strangers

As part of "Foodie Sundays" screenings, we invite you to Warsaw Breweries for the Italian comedy-drama by Paolo Genovese "Perfect Strangers" with food in a supp...
11.07 09:00 pm

Foodie Sundays: Perfect Strangers

59 Krochmalna Street - Laboratorium Courtyard

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